.we have lingered in the chambers of the sea.

.by sea-girls wreathed in seaweed, red and brown.

two dreamers by the sea
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elizabeth ;;

elizabeth rogue was born eighteen years ago on a rainy morning in san francisco at half past two in the morning. at six, she developed a fascination with the paranormal, which led to her desire to work in paranormal investigations when she grows up. she can best be found walking in the rain with no umbrella, sitting by the sea on well-weathered days or traveling through the hills alone, but with a good book & her beloved iPod.

if you had to describe her without many words, you could simply say any of this: river tam trapped five hundred years in the past. sam winchester if he were a girl. dib. claire. browncoat.

for stories & photography about her life, you should see seasidestarlet, though, since getting back into fandom, she doesn't update much there.

she's also a very big fangirl, with her main obsessions being firefly & supernatural at this time. other fandoms include invader zim, friday night lights & x-men, along with a few side fandoms.

for the fannish contents & slightly less whimisical-in-the-brain-pan diary entries, you should definitely see riverdresses.
natasha ;;

natasha resides in the far off magickal land of norway, where vikings once ruled & polar bears supposedly roam the streets. she has yet to encounter one, sadly & is immensly jealous of those who have.

a perfectly sane fangirl (they do exist!) she adores making fanmixes & icons for her favourite characters & fandoms. x-men. runaways. harry potter. kingdom hearts. firefly.

she also loves snow, glittery things, kitties, comic books, River Tam & many other lovely things. she's one of the sweetest people in the 'verse & makes the internet a little more shiny by being somewhere in it on cold evenings & lightly coloured mornings.

in a few words: kaylee frye . gothesque . closet decora-chan . music addict . random

you may find more of her lovely works at her (now defunct) icon journal hardcandy_works or at fragiline, where she posts under the username girlknees
about the community ;;
at_the_seaside is basically natasha & elizabeth's own little slice of livejournal land. it was created after natasha suggested the idea in one of the many late night/early morning chats between the two girls as an alternative to spamming their own livejournals with their ideas for mixes & icons & their own special brand of silly. elizabeth loved the idea at once & after a long process of getting a name for it, she created at_the_seaside, since natasha wanted it to be a combination of both their usernames.

NOTE: everything that is NOT a mix or a graphics post or something of a similar nature is locked to anyone that isn't natasha or elizabeth.

also, if you wish to keep up with the community, WATCH THE COMMUNITY, PLEASE. membership is restricted to everyone but natasha & elizabeth.
rules ;;
i. comments are LOVE, especially if you're taking something.
ii. do not claim anything you take from at_the_seaside as your own.
iii. textless icons are NOT bases, unless otherwise stated. if you have a text request, ASK and we'll be happy to help you out. remember to credit the maker and at_the_seaside in the keywords, as such

external credits ;;
layout & scratch texture by the wonderful tokyonoir || tokyo.disparue.org
images by gladly & joseph robertson
header & icon made by lost_little_nat
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide

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