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Yes, it's more Firefly smut fic by me! This time I'm delving into one of my top favourite pairings in the fandom, namely Kaylee/Inara. ♥ Kaylee/Inara, they're sweet, sisterly, sexy & it doesn't fuck things up when it comes to Mal/Simon! ::grins::

So, here's fic!

Title: Strawberry Orgasm
Rating: NC-17 for sure this time.
Pairing: Kaylee/Inara
Disclaimer: Joss is boss, I'm just a lowly fangirl!
Warnings: Hmmm, I don't think there's anything massively kinky in this, unless you object to the sexualization of fruits. ::winks::
Notes: This is really kind of my first time writing Kaylee, so I'm a little nervous about her characterization, but I think I kept her in character pretty well. Also, hugs & kisses to the awesome death_merchant for beta-reading this for me! Without her, the commas would be running wild. Title & inspiration in general for this fic came from this gorgeous Kaylee piece at HeroineChic.net.

Strawberry OrgasmCollapse )

Crossposted to fireflygirls, girlslash & of course, riverdresses.
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29 June 2007 @ 12:14 am
I know it's been quiet around here lately . . . meep, I'm sorry! But to wake things up, here are thirty Firefly/Serenity icons, plus a Jayne header!

{7} River
{4} Kaylee
{1} Inara
{1} Mal
{5} Simon
{1} Saffron
{1} Zoe
{1} Kaylee/Inara
{1} Kaylee/River
{6} Mal/Simon
{1} Saffron/Kaylee
{1} Simon/Kaylee
{1} Jayne header

Comments: make me a happy bunny & inspire me to make more graphics!
Credit: yes please! A simple riverdresses//at_the_seaside will do just fine!
Requests: will be taken, but be aware, I'm still a novice with Photoshop, so don't expect miracles!
Suggestions for icon subjects: YES PLEASE!
Resources: are right here.


♥ a little teaser ♥

such a tease!

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::deep breaths::

Yay for fic-posting jitters!

::eyeroll:: Not.

::shuts up & gets to the good stuff::

Title: I Shut My Mouth (With You For A Gag)
Rating: um, I'll say NC-17, to be on the safe side.
Pairing: Jayne/Simon
Disclaimer: alas, nothing recognizable is mine.
Warnings: Masturbation, light bondage, somewhat kinky dreaming.
Notes: . . . it's short. It's not a drabble, more like six of them, but I'm trying not to freak out over that. Many hugs & chocolate chip cookies to geeky_webmaster, for beta-reading it, then prompting me to get it up as soon as I could. Title is from the song She Walks On Me by Hole.

I Shut My Mouth (With You For A Gag)Collapse )
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09 May 2007 @ 12:54 pm

icons&graphics related to the movie adaption of AI YAZAWA's amazing, adorable and all-around kick ass manga series NANA, featuring aoi miyazaki & mika nakashima. ( a favorite of liz&me )

{18} aoi miyazaki
{14} mika nakashima
{20} girls in character

{1} aoi miyazaki
{2} mika nakashima
{1} girls in character


001 002 003

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08 March 2007 @ 08:22 pm
Six Firefly icons from yours truly!

{3} Simon
{2} River
{1} Kaylee
{1} Zoe

♥ t e a s e r s ♥

001 002 003

comments: make me a happy bunny & inspire me to do more!
credit: yes please! a simple riverdresses // at_the_seaside will do just fine!
requests: will be taken, but be aware, i'm still exploring Photoshop, so don't expect miracles!
suggestions for icon subjects: YES PLEASE!

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Coming up in my next icon posts . . .

{x} Nicky Aycox
{x} Chiaki Kuriyama
{x} the girls of Firefly

Like what you see? Watch at_the_seaside then!
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18 January 2007 @ 06:43 pm

a fanmix for Hayley Stark, Ellen Page's character from Hard Candy. the title derives from the characters red hoddie.
Surf safe. Wear red. ((a movement for online empowerment and awareness, inspired by the film HARD CANDY and its protagonist’s red hoody.))

be aware that this mix contains specific spoilers for said film, ((which I strongly recommend)).
and note that all the links to the music are hxxp. you need to change it to htt for them to work. and this music is just for previewing and all that. what you do with it after 24 hours is up to you.

that said, enjoy!
comments = &hearts

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