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15 July 2007 @ 01:35 am
FIC, Firefly, Mal/Simon, a bliss of another kind  
lost_little_nat's off in France for a month! ::cries & misses her mei-mei:: So while she's gone, I'll post lots o' stuffs here!

& now, we have more Firefly smut fic from me, & for what could possibly be my OTP (if I had one in this fandom!), which would be Mal/Simon. ::twirls::

Title: a bliss of another kind
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Mal/Simon
Disclaimer: All Joss's toys, I'm just playing with them for a bit!
Warnings: none that I can see!
Notes: This was actually, if I remember right, my first real attempt at Firefly fic, as well as Mal/Simon porn. It was originally born as comment porn for one of my favourite enablers galpals, inderpal, who was also the one who encouraged me to share it, so really, you have her to thank for this! Beta-read by geeky_webmaster & the title is from the Tori Amos song Bliss, which, strangely, could work for these two. True story!

Simon paced anxiously back and forth in the cargo bay. Ever since they'd received word from Zoe that their latest deal had gone way south and that there had been some gunfire exchanged, he'd been worried almost to the point of nausea over if Mal was one of the ones that had been shot.

He thought of Wash up in the cockpit, worrying over Zoe probably in the same fashion that Simon was worrying over Mal. Of course, as much as Simon would have liked to have Wash convince him that Mal was just fine, he didn't exactly want Wash to know about what was going on between him and Mal.

So Simon continued to pace back and forth, a whirlwind of worry and fear running through his mind. Every sound he heard caused him to jerk his head up in the direction of the entrance, thinking it was Mal and the others coming back.

Wash came racing down the stairs then, temporarily derailing Simon’s train of thought.

"Any word?" Simon asked nervously.

"None yet." Wash said tersely, casting a look of his own at the entrance to the cargo bay. He then noted Simon's worried face.

"Don't worry, Doctor. If anything goes wrong . . . er, not that it has," he said quickly, seeing Simon's expression go from worry to fear, "Zoe and the rest of us would make sure you and River were kept safe. Well, I don't know about Jayne, but . . ." Wash trailed off as the door of the cargo bay opened and in rushed Mal, Zoe and Jayne, miraculously, Simon saw, free and clear of any bullet wounds or marks.

Wash ran to Zoe immediately, hugging and kissing her with shameless abandon. Mal, however, was still in captain mode and immediately started issuing orders.

"Wash, I need you up in the cockpit now, we need to be off-world sooner rather than later. Jayne, you get the drop stored in the spare shuttle in case we need to take off with it without the rest of Serenity."

Jayne grabbed the two large boxes and hurried up the stairs without a word. Wash and Zoe followed him on their way to the cockpit, Zoe filling Wash in on the details of the job, leaving Mal and Simon by themselves in the cargo bay.

"Zoe said there was gunfire. Are you hurt?" he asked tentatively.

Mal said nothing. Simon wasn't sure if this was a good sign or not, so he pressed on.

"What happened? Was it the people you were dealing with, or was it Alliance -" Simon was interrupted by Mal grabbing him by the front of his shirt and kissing him hard. He pushed Simon against the nearest wall with his free hand and continued to kiss him, biting his lower lip almost hard enough to draw blood.

When they broke contact, Simon maintained eye contact with Mal. "It was Alliance, wasn't it?"

Mal said nothing, but pulled Simon away from the wall, turned him around and pushed him face-first against the wall.

"Don't say anything." he whispered hoarsely into Simon's ear.

Simon bit his already sore lip in response to Mal's words. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he wondered just how someone who had just come out of a life and death situation could be so ravenous and ready for sex right after.

The feel of Mal's hand on his cock, however, soon put an end to any more in-depth thoughts Simon might have had on the subject. His head fell back, eyes closed, quiet, wordless pleas issuing from his throat.

" . . . You are crazy." he finally managed to gasp out as Mal pushed himself against Simon's back, pushing Simon flat up against the wall, his right hand fumbling in a very coordinated manner with Simon's belt buckle and zipper.

"Did I say you could open that pretty mouth yet?" Mal hissed in his ear. "Just do what you're told for once."

Simon bit back the reply bubbling up at the tip of his tongue and pressed the side of his face to the cold metal wall. His silence was rewarded by the feel of Mal's warm, rough fingers stroking the length of his cock slowly at first, then quicker, causing Simon to bite back a moan that would have almost certainly brought one of the others to see what was going on. He dug his teeth harder into his lip until he could taste blood.

The feel of Mal's hand on him was driving him insane. Just as he thought he was so close to losing himself, Mal would suddenly stop and push his hips harder into Simon's back, causing Simon to be pressed harder into the wall, which, in turn, caused Simon to whimper slightly, from both the shock of Mal's hips slamming into him and from the unsaid words in the back of his mind for Mal to just finish and let him fall apart.

Simon knew he couldn't take much more of this. Between Mal's hands on him and his own desperate need to have his hands on Mal, Simon knew it would be over in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. He thought he would beg Mal to finish, if only he could turn right around and return the favor.

As he was contemplating opening his mouth and begging Mal to let him finish so that he could repay Mal, Mal stopped abruptly. Simon blinked, completely thrown off-balance by the sudden lack of movement on his cock.

"Mal . . . Mal . . ." he began weakly, but he was cut off by Mal tightly wrapping his hand around Simon's cock and thrusting hard into his back as he squeezed his cock just as hard. Simon tried not to scream as his head fell backward once more. His release flooded over Mal's hand as Mal continued to squeeze Simon's cock, milking every drop he could from him.

Simon leaned against the wall for a few moments, panting hard, trying to control his breathing and prevent himself from passing out. As he did this, he was vaguely aware of Mal tucking his cock back into his pants and zipping him back up. He stepped back slightly from Simon and let Simon fix his belt buckle back up. As soon as he had, Simon spun around, pulled Mal up against him and kissed him as hard as Mal had at first. The kiss was sloppy, messy, everything Simon rarely was . It was a kiss fueled by lust, without a trace of propriety in it. He broke from Mal and undid the first two buttons of Mal's shirt, running his tongue along the salty-tasting flesh hidden by the reddish fabric. As he kissed and licked at Mal's chest, his hands were busily undoing Mal's pants and pulling his cock out. Without breaking rhythm , Simon dropped to his knees and took Mal's length into his mouth, sucking hard, devoting just as much time and care as he had to Mal's mouth to his cock . He felt Mal's hands tangling in his hair, tugging it occasionally, yanking it when Simon did something that Mal particularly enjoyed. Simon kept at it, his own cock hardening again, sweat pouring down every inch of skin on his body. Surprisingly, Mal came easily and relatively soon, sooner than Simon would have liked, honestly, but really, Simon didn't mind it too much. He relished Mal's taste as it poured its way into his mouth and down his throat. He drank every drop, feeling almost as intoxicated as he had when Mal's hands had been on him. He felt Mal tugging his hair harder and harder with every lick he graced Mal's cock with.

When Mal had finally relaxed and stopped coming, Simon slid his cock out of his mouth calmly, rebuttoned Mal's pants up as neat as he could , stood up and kissed Mal gently on the lips.

"We should go. The others are going to be wondering where you are, and I need to check up on River and make sure she's taken her medications." he turned to leave when Mal grabbed his arm and pulled him back against him.

"My bunk. After dinner. No excuses." Mal whispered in his ear, using the tone he generally reserved for barking orders to the crew. He gave Simon's backside a sudden squeeze, before letting Simon go free.

Crossposted to the_pretty_fits & of course, riverdresses.

& now, before you all go, I have a small favour to ask the readers of my fic, or at least, of the Mal/Simon shippers who are dropping by! I'm working on a little mixtape thing for Mal/Simon, & I have absolutely NO title as of now, which is really bugging the hell out of me. So, if you could, could you please pick which title you like the most OR SUGGEST ONE in my little poll? THANK YOU!

Out of all of these, which would work the best for a Mal/Simon fanmix?

like water in my lungs
The Darker Days of Me & Him
My Medicine
Wicked Game

If you've got a suggestion for a possible title, PLEASE share it with me!

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[dreamwidth]: simon tam // don't think just shootriverdresses on July 17th, 2007 01:26 am (UTC)
::twirly:: Thank you, sweetheart! ♥ I do believe that was one of my favourite bits to write. Yay Simon kissing! :D